GSF Singapore Festival 2023


25 Jul 2023 to 30 Jul 2023


Singapore Raffles Music College, 456 Alexandra Rd, #09-02, Singapore 119962

The GSF Singapore Live Festival 2023 invites young musicians from around the world to Singapore from 25-29 July 2023. This dynamic festival offers a diverse range of activities, including a youth violin competition, masterclasses, lectures, seminars, and performances. The immersive learning and cultural experience fosters enduring friendships among participants.

Our judging panel of highly skilled and objective judges from various countries offers invaluable insights to contestants. Participating in high-level music competitions is essential in enhancing a musician’s stage experience, assessing their musical proficiency, and broadening their horizons. It’s a rare opportunity not to be missed for aspiring musicians to perform on a global stage, gain exposure and craft a unique portfolio.

We sincerely invite all young musicians to participate in the GSF Singapore Festival, to connect with the world and serenade the sweet symphony of success!


As the registrations are over, we wish you the best of luck for the upcoming competition.
You can access the competition details through your GSF account. Follow these steps to view the participant information:

1. Log in to your GSF account.
2. Go to your profile section.
3. Click on the "My Events" tab.
4. Click on "Participant info" to view the competition details. 

1. What time should I arrive at the competition venue for registration?
It is recommended to arrive at least 1 hour before your scheduled performance slot.

2. What happens during the registration process? 
During registration, you will check in at the competition venue at Singapore Raffles Music College, 456 Alexandra Rd, #09-02, Singapore 119962.
- Present your identification, competition confirmation as per participant info in your GSF account
- Ready your instruments, score and piano accompaniment (if applicable)

3. Will there be a room for warm-up/practice before your scheduled slot?
Yes, there will be a room at Singapore Raffles Music College, 456 Alexandra Rd, #08-02, Singapore 119962 for participants only to warm up, 15mins session.
(No piano accompaniment).

4. What if I miss my scheduled slot?
Strictly no re-arrangement for your performance slot/refund of competition fees.

5. Can I watch other performances during the competition? 
Yes, families and friends can watch the participant’s performances during competition. 

6. Can I record my performance during the competition?
No, video recording is not allowed during the competition. Participants and audience members are requested to refrain from recording any part of the event to respect the performers' rights and ensure a distraction-free environment.

7. Can I take photos during the competition?
No, photography is not allowed during the competition.

8.  When is the competition results announced?
The results will be announced on 29/7/2023 during the 10am-12pm Gala Concert.

9. Are Gala Concert tickets free?
Yes, free admission for all.

10. Is there assigned seating at the Gala Concert?
We offer open seating on a first-come, first-served basis.

11. What is the dress code for the Gala Concert?
The dress code for the Gala Concert is formal, participants and attendees are encouraged to dress appropriately for the occasion.


Building a better world through strings by bringing together young musicians, nurturing them with immersive and cultural learning, at the same time, helping bonds of enduring friendships to be forged.


Providing a platform that cultivates musicians by elevating their musical proficiency, supporting them with unique experiences and rich exposure from all over the world.


Guiding musicians on the path of continuous learning and development, uniting musicians for the common good and enriching communities and the lives of others.


Ziyu He

Ziyu He


Viktoria Grigoreva

Viktoria Grigoreva

Professor/ Royal College of Music

Martin Peh

Martin Peh


Helena Dawn Yah

Helena Dawn Yah



25 Jul 2023, Tue

GSF Opening Ceremony ( free admission)

1230-1330 at Recital Studio, Singapore Raffles Music College
456 Alexandra Rd, #09-02, Singapore 119962

26 Jul 2023, Wed

GSF Competition Day

Competition Date: July 26th (Category 1- 2) and 27th (Category 3 -6 )

Competition Venue at Recital Studio
Singapore Raffles Music College, Singapore
456 Alexandra Rd, #09-02, Singapore 119962

28 Jul 2023, Fri

Open Masterclasses by Jury Victoria Grigoreva

Student: 任泽/ 10:40-11:25

28 Jul 2023, Fri

Open Masterclasses by Jury YinKe

Student: Siming Xie/ Category 3 /11:30-12:15

28 Jul 2023, Fri

Open Masterclass by Jury Victoria Grigoreva

Student: Mikaela Ong / 13:30-14:15

28 Jul 2023, Fri

Open Masterclasses by Jury He Ziyu

student: 孙诗雨/ 14:20-15:05

29 Jul 2023, Sat

GSF Gala Concert ( free admission)

Award Ceremony cum performances by winners
1000-1200 at Recital Studio

29 Jul 2023, Sat

Open Masterclasses by Jury He Ziyu

Student: 矫睿恩/ 13:30-14:15

29 Jul 2023, Sat

Open Masterclasses by Jury YinKe

Student: 蔡镜宇/ 16:00-16:45

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Thank you for participating! We look forward to your presence in future events.