Instrument Seminar


Wed, 26 Oct 2022 08:00pm



A master class held by master luthier, Ming Xi on the unique qualities and character of 5 different antique violins.

Since 2004, Ming Xi has been committed to the art of violin care and is the luthier of the famous violin Rin Collection. He also founded GSF after years of working with many performers and music institutions, hoping to unite musicians and support their passion for strings. He believes in helping students reach their potential, and invests in students' personal growth and development. Leveraging his rich experience in this field, he will share his view on finding the perfect violin fit for competition through the perspective of a tuner and competition organiser in this seminar. 

Beyond that, this seminar also offers an exclusive violin showcase by Georgi and a sharing of violin selection from Xiao Lei, both of who are students of Yang Xiu Tao Conservatory of Music. 

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Tong Ming Xi

Tong Ming Xi

Master Luthier/ Tong Ming Xi Workshop

Georgii Moroz

Georgii Moroz

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music /Violinist

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