AI Meets Music


Fri, 14 Oct 2022 08:00pm



We would like to invite 30 musicians for this exclusive focus group discussion facilitated by Professor Chris, the founder of the app Cadenza Live. Participants would have to download and trial Cadenza Live, a high-technology AI-driven app meant to complement music learning, prior to the focus group discussion. Don't miss this opportunity to hear, discuss and interact with the founder himself, as well as the chance to shape the future development of the application. 

Participants will enjoy 1 month complimentary premium version - with full unrestricted access to the library.

Kindly provide us with your Cadenza Live app user ID under Additional Notes in the Registration Form below when you register. 

More details on the app below:

Play Anywhere as the Star of Your Music Ensemble

Cadenza Live provides full instrumental color, harmony and texture in an infinitely patient virtual ensemble that never tires of rehearsing. It helps musicians develop a deeper understanding of both the music and the mechanics of their repertoire. Cadenza Live’s private recording playback and musical analytics encourage reflective and productive practice, creating a laboratory for exploring musical expression and interpretation. Remix and share your best performances across platforms with friends, family, teachers.

Repertoire with the Soul of Musicality: No More "Accompaniment Tracks"

Curated for advanced string and wind players, from high school students to conservatory faculty and career soloists, each Cadenza Live piece is a well-crafted musical experience that evolves over performances. Beyond the "body" of the professionally produced accompaniment, each Cadenza piece has a "soul" of the deep musical understanding powered by sophisticated musical artificial intelligence fine-tuned by professionals


Cadenza Live Accompanist is designed for students, amateurs and professional-level musicians playing Western classical music.


Cadenza Live provides an ever-expanding library of 1000+ pieces and movements covering the core classical instrumental repertoire.


Cadenza Live Accompanist allows you to practice, rehearse and perform with live piano or orchestral accompaniment that follows you in real-time using musical artificial intelligence.

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