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Have these happened to you?

Did you know 70% of violin players are unaware of underlying conditions in their violins? In fact, do you find your violin hard to play or feel that your violin’s sound is muted or its pegs stiff? Your violin is probably due for a check-up! Just as humans do scheduled yearly check-ups, so do our violins. Oftentimes, early diagnosis of underlying conditions in your instrument allows for an early intervention, allowing for effortless playing once again.

For violin schools with a minimum of 15 students, Global Strings Federation would like to extend a complimentary Community Instrument Care package to all schools.


This package would be on-site at violin schools and would include:

      30 min seminar followed by a 15 min Q&A session on violin care and preservation (hear from luthiers and experts in the field and glean valuable insights)

      Instrument checking for individual students (by appointment), includes:


      Open seams

      Sound Post

      Fine Tuner





It is recommended for schools to utilise this package nearing student’s concert or competition dates to ensure that instruments are in tip-top condition. Afterall, keeping your violin at its best means playing at your best!

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