Why Learn the Violin from a Young Age?


Sat, 11 Dec 2021 08:00pm



The violin, known as the Queen of all Instruments, is an expressive stringed instrument which makes for mesmerising performances. Three principals from established violin academies in Singapore, with more than 30 years of experience, will share with you what you must know before you pick up the violin! 

?  For parents of young children between ages 3 to 6 who are keen on letting their child pick up a musical instrument but have many doubts:

?‍♀️ Why learn the violin?
?‍♀️ Is the violin difficult?
?‍♀️ Why are ages 3 to 6 the best time to pick up the violin?
?‍♀️ How will I let my child enjoy the learning process?
?‍♀️ Are my child suitable?

Come and let our educators answer ALL your questions.

Who Is It For?

For parents of young children between ages 3 to 6.


? Mrs. Chan Chee Mee ? Ms. Yap Shu Mei ? Mr. Mac Chang

Benefits of Membership

Enjoy free admission to this seminar with an assessment class for your child.


Yap Shu Mei

Yap Shu Mei

Principal- Mandeville Conservatory of Music

Chan Chee Mee

Chan Chee Mee

Principal/ Forté Musicademy

Mac Chang

Mac Chang

Principal/ Mac's Music School

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