World Strings Day [Christmas Edition]


Sat, 23 Dec 2023 04:30pm


Level 2 - Linkbridge between Marina Square & Millenia Walk

Step Into Our Musical Wonderland

Imagine standing amidst a sea of fellow musicians at Marina Square Level 2 - Linkbridge between Marina Square & Millenia Walk (near Orange & Teal #02-230A). Each dressed in festive red WSD t-shirts immersed in the joyful spirit of Christmas. Your heart races with excitement as you bring along your family, friends and teacher to perform alongside you or simply revel in the magic this WSD. With a sea of red against the picturesque charm of the city’s backdrop, the stage is set for an enchanting musical journey. It's time to begin.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your musical voyage, perfection isn't the goal at WSD; we celebrate the unity that music fosters. And now, the true magic unfolds as we perform the captivating melodies of White Christmas, the timeless allure of Moon River, and the jubilant harmonies of All Over The World

As everyone bows together, a heartwarming sense of belonging envelops you. It's the enchanting moment when musicians instinctively find their place in the symphony of sounds, creating a harmonious symphony that resonates like a choir of a hundred carolers.

As the final note fades, there's a sense of accomplishment that sweeps through the crowd. It's time to capture this beautiful memory with a group photo, a snapshot of the smiles, camaraderie, and shared love for music that defines WSD.

As one of GSF’s most well-received events by string players of all ages and backgrounds, join the growing community of World Strings Day players to perform together in Singapore’s most scenic sites. Join us, and let your musical journey become part of our enchanting story.

Can I Join?

We welcome all violin, viola and cello players of all skill levels as background (above 6 years old) to perform together.

Where do we play?

Marina Square's Level 2 - Linkbridge between Marina Square & Millenia Walk (near Orange & Teal #02-230A)

What do I get?

1) Scores and Audio of the 3 songs 2) a WSD t-shirt (only for new sign-ups), 3) a digital WSD participation certificate 4) digital event photos


Kindly download and read through the info deck for more information. Do take note of t-shirt collection and score download details in the deck.



23 Dec 2023, Sat

Program Schedule

1630 Registration
1730 Rehearsal
1815 Group Photo
1830 Actual Performance
1900 End performance

Registration Form

Thank you for participating! We look forward to your presence in future events.


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